Who is Ryan?

Ryan is an awesome cartoon character created by Kakao and is one of the many characters that makes up the Kakao Friends. Ryan looks like a bear, but he ain’t no bear! He’s a freaking lion with no mane. According to the experts of the Internet, the name Ryan was derived from how the English word 'lion' is pronounced with a Korean accent.

Despite being the latest to be released, Ryan is by far the most popular character out of all the Kakao Friends. Just look at him! How can you hate this fake bear? Rumor has it that Ryan was originally a prince, but decided that he didn’t want to do that kind of stuff so he left and instead became the leader of the Kakao Friends.

Who are the Kakao Friends?

The Kakao Friends are a series of cool and cute characters created by Kakao as emoticons for their chat program, KakaoTalk. The Kakao Friends consist of eight characters. The eight characters are Muzi, Con, Apeach, Jay G, Frodo, Ryan, Neo and Tube. Let's give a brief introduction to these other seven characters! Muzi is a pickled radish dressed up in a rabbit suit. Con is a small crocodile that raised Muzi. Apeach is a peach of course. Jay G is a mole like character. Frodo is a dog who is dating Neo the cat. And finally, Tube is a duck, a cowardly duck. These characters were released in 2012. Since their release, they have become widely popular and beloved by all of South Korea. Today, through the popularity of K-pop and Korean dramas, people from all over the world are starting to get to know them!

What kind of wallpapers are available?

On this site, you can find some cool mobile and desktop wallpapers of Ryan from Kakao Friends. Most wallpapers will be Ryan focused, however, there may be some wallpapers that contain other members of the Kakao Friends as well. These wallpapers are all formatted to be in specific dimensions so that everything is kept consistent. An important thing to note is that these wallpapers are not official! They are all fan made wallpapers made by Ryan's beloved fans and are all free of charge! So feel free to use them!

Desktop Wallpapers

All desktop wallpapers are 1920px x 1080px in dimension.

Mobile Wallpapers

All mobile wallpapers are 1080px x 1920px in dimension.